Monday, March 7, 2011

Once again, it's been a long time!

Okay, so I'm not so good at keeping up with this blog!
But here's to another attempt to start blogging again! :)

An update on the Gronotte Family:
  • Our little Molly is going to turn 1 at the end of the month (March 30th)! How is this possible? I can't believe that I have had her in my arms for a year! What a gracious God! She is just a delight and a ball of energy!  She is crawling so well and fast!  She recently won us 472 Huggie diapers because she won a little babies crawling race at Babies-r-us! It was so funny, never thought she would win! But a surprise blessing of tons of diapers ($150 value!)   She is starting to pull up on everything! And is gaining strength in her legs each day!  I can't believe that she will be walking in the coming hard to believe that she growing this fast!  Lord willing, I will have weaned her by her birthday!  12 months of nursing has served her well and she is transitioning great to people food! LOVES to eat! Her favorite is baby yogurt and fruit! She has my sweet tooth! We are in the works planning her 1st birthday party! :) Spring flowers are going to be the theme, perfect for a Spring baby!
  • Mark's job is going well.  We are getting use to the traveling (not my favorite, but thankful he has a good job!)  The Lord is blessing his work and he has continued to gain favor with his boss!  And recently was able to share the Gospel of Christ to him!  The Lord gave him boldness to share with him his hope in Christ!  His boss listen and  hopefully there will only be more conversations to come.  Right now we are  praying for the Lord to direct Mark's work for the future...desiring to stay in Louisville as long as we can!  We just love our church family and see the bennifit of staying and growing/serving under the leadership of our church.   
  • For me, I'm taking my last class for my masters in Biblical Counseling at SBTS!  It's been a long time coming and very excited to graduate and be finished with school ( forever)! :)  I'm enjoying my class, it's just a lot of work.  (another reason blogging has not been happening!)  Learning a lot about counseling and practically able to start serving my church in this way! Such a blessing to learn from our counseling Elder and one of my dear mentor/friends, Patti!  The Lord's timing is always perfect.  He has made a way for this to be possible!  Not to mention my sweet In Laws are willing to watch Molly for me anytime!  Such a blessing to have grandparents just 30 minutes away! Molly loves her play dates with them too! She is such a people person already! :)
  • Also, Mark and I have been training for the mini-marthon (13.1 miles) coming up at the end of April!  We are up to 6 miles.  We are running in a 10K this coming Saturday (my 1st ever) and really excited!  It's been a fun way to excerise and just release some stress!  I love running for the feeling I get after I finish! :) A couple of sweet friends have been training with me and so it's been a fun relational activity too!  Really running is similar to our spiritual lives, and is teaching me a lot through it! Such a mental game! 
  • Our couple friends has moved out a couple weeks ago because they decided to stay in Louisville longer (we were just going to be a transition place for them until they move back to Boston!) They only stayed with us for 4 months!  It was a good season and really taught me a lot through it! Thankful they are staying in Louisville longer! :)
  • We get to go to Florida for our 2nd year anniversary at the end of May! :)  Pretty much everything is paid for through Mark's travel points he has saved up from his traveling for work!  We are excited to leave for 4 nights and enjoy the beach and sun! Molly is staying with her grandparents too! I just love my sweet husband and excited to get away with him! We are going to the same beach we went to on our honeymoon, so very romantic!  :)
  • Well, I guess that is about it for our family.  The Lord is so faithful!  I can not even recount all the ways He has been faithful to me.  Praise Him for His kindness and faithfulness! Praise Him for his mercy and truth!  All the earth is to praise His name!  He is my life, my salvation! He is my boast!
I can't get my computer to upload any more pictures! I think because our internet is the slower kind....hopefully soon I can get more pictures up! We have so many! :) Enjoy at least this one for now! :)