Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's been awhile...

So, if you haven't notice (for those who still read this thing) I haven't posted in a long while!  I think it's just the business of know how that goes!  This truly is a season of lots of learning and growing for me.  Thankful that the Lord really does want us to grow and so He makes it possible through stretching us with new circumstances He places us in.  Which He has ordained so that I will keep running back to Him for all my strength, joy, and rest!  He really has been so good!   Here's a little update on our little family.

Molly is almost 71/2 months old! Can you believe it?  She is doing so well.  Growing and developing tons each day.  She talks all the time, and by talking I mean babbling non-stop!  Marks convinced lately that when she says 'Dada' she is really referring to him! Not sure if she can know whose who yet, but it maybe almost that time!?  She started saying the 'm' sound too! Which makes me work even harder to remind her how to say 'Mama'.  :)  Lots of joy in this season with her!  She is sleeping through the night (8 or so hours between feedings-not all the time, but I'll take it when she gives it!) and has more of a rhythm for her naps during the day (still needing at least 3 a day!)  This girl needs her rest! She is at least 16 pounds, but we haven't weighed her lately...last time we went to the doctor she was in the 75% for height and has stayed in about the 40% for weight! This baby is tall and petite!  And she is enjoying her solid foods too!  I've been making homemade baby food for her and she can't get enough of it!  I think I'm needing to increase the amount I've been giving her!  She still loves to nurse, but you can just tell that she's wanting more when she's eying everything she sees me eat in the day! So funny! ;)

For Mark and I we have been just adjusting to his new work position which involves him to go on business trips every other week or every couple of weeks for about 3-4 days at a time.  We are thankful for this new position because Mark is loving it and the Lord is blessing him already in this position with continued favor from his boss.  Yet on the other hand, who wants their husband to be gone from their home several nights at a time?  I'm learning to be more okay with it and has made our time together sweeter when he is home.  Thankfully, his training period is over and Molly and I are going to start traveling with him about once a month on some of his closer locations he travels to!  So that will be good to be with him and enjoyable to explore new cities too!  Hopefully Molly will be a relax baby with the traveling, we will see! haha!  Just more opportunities to rely on the Lord and know that He truly is my supply! (this picture is the 2nd anniversary of our first date! we walked all around downtown Louisville and ended up stopping here on these steps and had some good conversation-good first date, babe!)

Other news...we have a new couple that moved in with us a couple of weeks ago!  They are expecting their first baby next month and are moving back to Boston, closer to family in about 6 months.  They didn't want to have to sign another apartment lease and we have an extra room downstairs!  It really works out well for all of us.  With Mark traveling some, it's nice to have 'family' in the home with me and really will help cut down the price of our electric bill by splitting it, during these cold winter months approaching!  Just really good timing and really the Lord's leading!  We desire to be a blessing to them as they enter in this new season of parenthood.  Praying the Lord will give me eyes to serve them and help them to feel like this is as much as their home as ours.  With the transition of nursing and lack of sleep, really want to be a help to her!  She is such a sweet friend already!  Very thankful that this has worked out.  Repenting lately how I really do love others to serve me, and knowing that is not why Jesus came.  He came not to be served, but to serve and give His life as a ransom for many.  This too should be our perspective!  Praying the Lord makes my heart quick to serve and not try to wait for someone to serve me!!  Very gross how much my sin has been revealed to me lately, with getting married and having a baby!! This exposes lots of gross sin in my life! Thankfully, now my call is to repent and run to Jesus.  He really has forgiven me and given me a new heart to want to serve joyfully from the heart!

Okay, I hear Molly waking up from her morning nap and I've got to get ready for the day! More to come....praying that the Gospel would be more the center of my thoughts and life!  May Christ be more treasured then any other blessing!!  By His grace this is possible! ;)
(this picture is from Halloween, molly was the cutest little ladybug ever.)