Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Power Fist

Molly is a lot like me...I love to throw the power fist (mostly when I hear truth of the Gospel during worship...gotta love songs that point to Christ and I can't help but throw my fist in the air...desire to teach Molly the truth of the Gospel, so her power fist has true and encouraging meaning!)!  
The other day, Molly kept throwing them and finally captured it in pictures!  

Molly is 2-months old!

Molly had her 2-month check up, shots and everything on May 30th (meant to make this post a couple of weeks ago!)!  She handled herself like a true pro, but for sure we both cried during the shots! :)  Mark was strong for us girls! She shows to be growing at the same rate as her first month check-up!  And, we are thankful! God is gracious to answer our prayers for her growth and development! 

9lb and 9oz (25%)
23 3/4 inches long (90%)--she's tall!
15 inches around her head