Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Guests this past 6-weeks!

We have had lots of sweet family come to meet baby Molly!  We just want to thank our family for making it all the way from Texas to Kentucky to meet our baby Molly! What a sweet gift each of you were to have in our home and we are thankful for all your support and love!  We know that this is such a grace from God.

Here's some pictures of our special guests in our home:

First, my Mom came to help us in our first 2 weeks of Molly's life. It was such a service to us to have her in our home! Th e Lord was so kind to allow her to come the day before she was born! We totally couldn't have planned the timing any better! The Lord was so gracious to arrange this all for us!  He always gives us what we need at the right time.  Mom cooked and cleaned for us and just was a huge relief as we started to adjust to being parents for the first time ever! 

Then, my dad joined mom here for several days.  It was so special to introduce Molly to her Nana and Poppy!  They had fun loving on their 10th grandchild ( I know-my sisters have 9 kids all-together!)

 Next, my sister-April came to for the weekend to meet Molly when she was just 2 weeks old! We did lots of special things when she was here.  She is an artist and painted cute flower canvases for Molly's nursery too!  She helped me get Molly's room organized and hang things on the wall! She left her husband and 3 little boys to come spend time with us! It was such a fun weekend! We tried to go to Thunder over Louisville together-what an adventure with a newborn!  We went on lots of walks too! Also, she was able to be at our churches baby dedication, when our pastors prayed for us and Molly-such a sweet memory to have her there! 

Lastly, this past weekend my two oldest sisters, Ali and Aimee and her daughter (my niece) Belle came to visit and meet Miss Molly!  We had such a great weekend together!  It was super special because I know it took a lot of work to get them to come here! Their husbands took off work to take care of their own children (they each have 3 kids!) and they were able to get plane tickets from Aimee's father-in-law for free!  So, they really took great leaps to make it here to see Molly at 6-weeks old!  They cooked for us, we made home-made bread together, and they even baby-sat for us so Mark and I could go on a quick little date!  I was thankful to talk to them about nursing and motherhood, which they offered nothing but encouragement for me to persevere in!  And, it was such a joy to see little Belle whose now 7 years old and she was so helpful too! 

We just wanted to say THANK-YOU to our family for making it a point to meet little Molly as an infant!  She was born into such a sweet family that loves her and prays for her!  We see all this as such a mercy from the Lord!  Not only do we have the support from my family in Texas, but also on Mark's side of the family that lives here in Louisville!  We've had lots of time already to share Molly with his parents and sister, Rebecca and we are so thankful they live so close to us!  Such a grace! 

We just wanted to say that we are grateful for everyone's care and support!  
Today, Molly is 7-weeks old! I can't believe it when I look at her how much she has grown already and how much I'm starting to feel more human! Each week, I feel a little better and encouraged how much the Lord has sustained us and given us tons of grace!  Also, are sweet church family has been a huge blessing of support!  We can see the Lord's faithfulness all around us as we consider His providence in our lives!  Praise the Lord for all His help and for using our family and church family to remind us of His loving faithfulness He has given us through giving His Son, Jesus Christ!  We have a wonderful Savior and seeing all the more need for Him and His perfect care and love! How wonderful is it that He ordains and orders everything in our lives to help us know Him and love Him more!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Molly's Stats

We went to Molly's 1 month check-up and she has GROWN!

At 1 Month she is:
  • 8 pounds  -in the 25% for weight
  • 22 inches long -in the 75% for height
  • 14 1/4 inches circumference of her head 
At Birth she was:
  • 5 pounds 11 ounces -in the 5% for weight
  • 19 inches long
  • 12 1/4 inches for circumference of her head

We are so THANKFUL that the Lord is growing her and sustaining our little baby! She started off so small!  The Lord is so gracious to make her a good eater! I have to say that nursing has been one of the most challenging things I've ever had to persevere in...still getting the hang of-hopefully it will keep getting better! Thankful that the Lord is giving me grace in this! Praise the Lord for His kindness and mercy to our family!  :)

....more pictures to come!